Bag Galore: 5 Tips To Style Your Favorite Bags

Bag Galore: 5 Tips To Style Your Favorite Bags

While diamonds may be considered women’s first love, handbags have proven to be the true MVP! They are like a confidante, a safety net, and the perfect tool that only adds more value to a woman’s armor. 


From beach bags to sad totes for work, messenger bags to tiny wristlets, each bag plays a unique role in our lives and needs to be given equal importance because you can’t be mean to the sergeants in your defense. 


If you are a bag connoisseur trying to figure out a way to style each of their wags the right way, then this is just the place you need to be! 


We may not be Miranda Priestly on the runway, but our experience with bags has undoubtedly given us some credibility. 


Here is a list of the top tips you must follow to become the style queen in the world of bags and purses! 


1) Understand The Type Of Bag

The type of bag you carry with an outfit makes all the difference in your look. Every bag has a specific function and an unwritten rule book of etiquette that makes them acceptable in social settings. 

While you may be in love with a canary yellow clutch, you cannot carry it to a formal event in your office. You can definitely take it to Sunday Brunch with you!

But if you have a neon green duffel bag, then you can use it on a road trip, a quick ride home, or if the size is correct, you can make it your gym bag too!



2) Examine The Silhouette

Just like the silhouette of a dress must be examined from different angles before deciding its compatibility with your body type. Similarly, bags too need a thorough examination. 

Look at the shape of your bag. 

Is your shoulder bag flappy with ample folds? 

The goal here is to make sure that your bag has crisp lines around it. It should have a solid shape like a rectangle, or perhaps a semi-circle.

Just make sure your bag does not slouch because that is never a good choice when aiming to look like a bombshell! 

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3) What Is The Color Of The Dress?

The bag must be coordinated with the color of your outfit. While it is alright to go matchy-matchy with some outfits, most dresses need a bag in a contrasting color. 

If you are wearing a little black dress for an evening out, then you don’t necessarily need a black shoulder bag to complete the look.

You can grab your favorite clutch in cobalt blue or a seductive shade of red to look like the femme fatale you intended to be!



4) Does This Occasion Account For A Hobo Bag?

The occasion defines which bag must go with your outfit. Don’t just randomly take out a bag, fill it to the brim, and carry it to your office. 

Instead, take a few minutes to understand your role at the event. If you are a host, then your formal bag must have enough room to carry all the essentials you may need at the event.

If you are just a guest, you can carry the smallest bag and still be comfortable. 



5) Is This Bag Truly What I Need?

Does your bag reflect your personality? 

This is a question you must repeat every time you decide to attend an event where self-expression is necessary. Don’t opt for a random bag because the social constructs need you to!

Carry the bag that makes you happy. Remember, a bag is just an extension of your personality, so don’t let it go!

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