Unique Sustainable Handbags That make your sensuality top priority.

Handcrafted, piece by piece. Reclaimed. I'm different. Animal cruelty-free. Showstopper handbags to make you an incredible impact.

Your Purchase - A Way to Give Back

Your purchase will plant trees. ShanPaulo donates 1% of your purchase to One Tree Planted & Global Green.

You love looking incredible. And why shouldn’t you? But you also love to be a part of something larger than yourself. That is why you will love ShanPaulo handbags. ShanPaulo offers stunning handcrafted handbags that embody your values and your style. Unique, naturally luxurious, and fully designed to give back to the environment, our handbags align with a broader purpose. Our partnerships with global sustainability non-profits ensure that every purchase you make gives back in a big way.

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ShanPaulo will donate 1% of our revenue to create a new environmental legacy.

Our exquisitely handcrafted purses give you a chance to give back in a way that matters to you. Look dynamic with a gorgeous eye-catching, reclaimed wood hand bagover your shoulder, and shop in confidence knowing your purchase makes a difference. Support our partners in creating a healthier world when you choose our luxury handbags. 

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Unique Handbags Designed and Made One by One

Our handbags are wholly unique and incomparable. Each handcrafted luxury bag is made from recycled or reclaimed wood, crafted piece by piece. We chose wood for multiple reasons. First, wood is one of the most important materials in the world because it comes from trees. By reclaiming wood and using it for our handbags, we are reducing waste and ensuring that trees can rebound from overuse. Second, we chose wood for its unique and attractive look. We love the way wood moves, feels, and catches the light.

The uniqueness and the style of our handbags simply cannot be repeated.


Her Mustique bag in hand, she conquers the world, and is a magnetic presence to all those who are lucky enough to witness her.

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With her Ibiza handbag resting on her forearm, the ShanPaulo Woman loves to spend her days at the bookstore engaged in a high-stakes game of chess or browsing through the novels section.

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St. Lucia

Our lovely St. Lucia handcrafted purse is a gorgeous addition to your luxury purse collection.

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What Goes Into Our Luxury Handbags

At ShanPaulo, we strongly believe in using nature’s most incredible materials to create our handbags. We prioritize these materials above all else because the quality of our handbags depends on it. Our goal to reduce the impact of our brand on the environment inspires us to use recycled or reclaimed wood in every handbag. The result is reduced energy use and management waste whenever possible.

Our limited-edition handbags are made from scratch and assembled, piece by piece, ensuring the quality is truly unique for every bag. Conscious of both the environment and the people who are affected by what we do, we strive to create luxury handbags with a purpose.


The ShanPaulo Woman grabs her Channel natural elegance and luxury in our lovely St. Tropez purse. She is filled with confidence and is not afraid to show off.


The ShanPaulo woman loves the way she looks, is happy with her career, and is proud of the way she cares for her friends, family, and the less fortunate.


If the ShanPaulo woman ever needs a little extra confidence boost, she knows she can count on her ShanPaulo handbag to get her right back on track--when she wears it, she feels invincible.

Live Your Best Life & Give Back To The Community

As a woman-owned business, we take great pride in empowering women to be confident and fearless. We want to pass along the feeling of living, giving, and confidence with purpose. You are an incredible person. Don’t you deserve an incredible handbag?

Our handbags align with your values and display your creativity in a way you could never have imagined. Let us help you live your best life, look phenomenal, and be the woman who has the handbag everyone wants, all while giving back to your community when you choose ShanPaulo.