Handcrafted Design. Sustainable Materials.
Inspired by you.

Bold With A Purpose

At ShanPaulo, we strongly believe in using nature’s most incredible materials to create our handbags. We prioritize these materials above all else because the quality of our handbags depends on it. Our goal to reduce the impact of our brand on the environment inspires us to use recycled or reclaimed wood in every handbag. The result is reduced energy use and a gorgeous product you can be proud of every time.

Our limited-edition handbags are made from scratch and assembled, piece by piece, ensuring the quality is truly unique for every bag. Conscious of both the environment and the people who are affected by what we do, we strive to create luxury handbags with a purpose.

Our Values


We use stunning natural materials that look fabulous and minimize our global footprint.


We design our bags with luxury and beauty in mind so that you can look and feel your best on every occasion.


We want every purchase to contribute to you feeling beautiful, bold, and empowered, because you deserve it.


We believe that luxury comes from using only the best of what the industry and nature has to offer so you have a product that makes you feel amazing and can keep up with you and your bold life.

A story for every bag.

The most important part of our brand is how our designs make YOU feel. We don't want to be just another handbag or accessory, we want to be another reason you feel bold, confident, mysterious, attractive, and wild. We want you to find a purse that not only matches your style but matches how you see yourself. With every clutch or bag we design, we put the story of the kind of woman that inspired us and what she would feel when strutting through life with her ShanPaulo purse at her side.

Live Your Best Life & Give Back To The Community

As a woman-owned business, we take great pride in empowering women to be confident and fearless. We want to pass along the feeling of living, giving, and confidence with purpose. You are an incredible person. Don’t you deserve an incredible handbag?

Our handbags align with your values and display your creativity in a way you could never have imagined. Let us help you live your best life, look phenomenal, and be the woman who has the handbag everyone wants, all while giving back to your community when you choose ShanPaulo. 

Your Purchase is a way to give back
Your purchase will plant trees. ShanPaulo donates 1% of your purchase to One Tree Planted.

You love looking incredible. And why shouldn’t you? But you also love to be a part of something larger than yourself. That is why you will love ShanPaulo handbags. ShanPaulo offers stunning handcrafted handbags that embody your values and your style. Unique, naturally luxurious, and fully designed to give back to the environment, our handbags align with a broader purpose. Our partnerships with global sustainability non-profits ensure that every purchase you make gives back in a big way.

We Believe in Making a Difference
Your purchase goes toward empowering women. ShanPaulo donates 1% of your purchase to Women Against Abuse.

At ShanPaulo, we believe the biggest fashion statement is making a difference in the world, which is why we support Women Against Abuse and their efforts to provide quality, cost-effective services to victims of domestic violence and to provide leadership in the struggle to end domestic violence.

Interested in learning more about the organization and what they do? Click on the logo to visit WomenAgainstAbuse.org