Bags Galore: How to Pick the Perfect Handbag for your Night Out

Bags Galore: How to Pick the Perfect Handbag for your Night Out

Find A Handbag That Keeps Up! 

We’ve all got big plans for this summer. And whether you’re meeting up with a friend for a bar crawl or getting dolled up for a delightful dinner cruise, you need to plan to carry all that stuff you need to take with you. Read on for ShanPaulo’s guide to the right handbag suited for your plans!

The Weekend Wedding


Any weddings scheduled in the past year had to either be scaled down or postponed to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. Maybe you couldn’t make it to the ceremony, but at least you get to celebrate at the reception! Consider taking a clutch with you. We know a strapless handbag isn’t always the most appealing option, but realistically, you’ll likely drop your purse on the table and dance and drink until it's time to leave. You won't need to lug it around!


All you need in a handbag as a wedding guest is something small to transport your phone, keys and wallet from the car to the table. (Okay, and maybe a tube of lipstick to touch up after dinner, but that’s it!) Looking for a specific rec? Our Copacabana in Walnut is perfect neutral color for pairing with a colorful summer cocktail dress.

Friday Night Bar Hopping


Jumping from bar to bar in Center City with old friends is a ton of fun. But, bar hopping is also an activity that requires a lot of walking — and likely a lot of intoxicated walking. So, you should pack light. Like, mini-bag light. You don’t want to be lugging around your everyday purse that holds spare phone chargers, rewards cards and dozens of dried-out pens. Take a small, cross-body bag and load it with only the essentials: keys, phone, debit card, ID.


You don't want to be stranded after leaving your purse at a busy bar and having it stolen. A mini cross-body bag means you never have to take your purse off in the first place! So, you’ll be certain that you won’t forget it at any of the stops you make throughout the night. Plus, a cross-body bag keeps you hands-free! If you’re in the market for a simple and cute cross-body bag, try a bold color to complement a casual look, like our Santorini in Red.


Restaurant Meet-Ups


I’ve been talking a lot about function. Now, let’s talk about fashion! If there’s a perfect time for playing with a quirky, new look, it’s dinner. Whether you’re meeting up with the girls for brunch or eating out with your other half, a sit-down meal means you’re not going to be moving around too much. So, you can get away with wearing your funky, outrageously high heels knowing you won’t have to walk too far and risk blisters.


So, plan a fun outfit and pair it with an equally fun purse! The circular Bali Bag in Black is the perfect statement piece to complete a geometric look. Or, if you need more storage from your handbag, the round-bottom Mustique in Multi-Color offers a roomy option while the various shades of brown make this purse interesting. Plus, this one pairs well with anything! 


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